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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Download Deep Freeze 6 Full version: Protect computers from Viruses

If you are using internet then you always search nice software for different purpose. If you found then you starts downloading & install software on your computer. But sometimes you find your computer losing its sound state. Even, sometimes, you want to safely test a Keylogger or any suspicious file on your computer.

So, at such situations, it is better to use Deep Freeze 6 software which really helps you to protect your computer from such Viruses & Keyloggers. Deep Freeze 6 is one of the best security software ever made. So, download deep freeze 6 full version to protect your computer from viruses and hacking tools. I have provided link for Deep Freez 6 full version software download….. just read on.

Deep Freeze 6 to protect from viruses: -

Deep Freeze 6 comes with unique "Boot Frozen" feature which makes it really very special. When you start your computer in "Boot Frozen" mode, all the changes made to your computer in current session will be erased when you restart your computer. So, whenever you have to test any keylogger, RAT server, software’s….ect on your computer, enable "Boot Frozen" mode and test your server. After you have finished your work, simply restart your system and it will be restored to the previous state. The changes made by server or virus in this session will be erased, thus keeping your computer safe and sound.

Download Deep Freeze 6 Full version: -

1. Free Download Deep Freeze 6 Full version to protect your computer from viruses.

2. Unzip the file and run Deep Freeze.exe file on your computer. Your computer will be restarted.

3. On restart, you will see 
 icon in your taskbar. Keeping shift pressed; double click on this icon to access the Deep Freeze 6 control panel. You can even assign password to Deep Freeze 6.

4. Deep Freeze can be operated in two modes:

Boot Frozen: When selected, Deep Freeze will nullify /restore  all the changes made to your computer on restart.

Boot Thawed: When selected, Deep Freeze will not nullify/restore any changes on restart.

Remember to use "Boot Frozen" mode while testing any Software’s or suspicious file on your computer.

So friends, this was a little tutorial on how to download Deep Freeze 6 full version and the way to use it. I am continue providing many hacking software’s on TIRCKS4INDYA.  Always use Deep Freeze in "Frozen" mode while testing these hacking software’s, to prevent any harm to your computer. If you have any problem to download Deep Freeze 6 full version to protect your computer from viruses, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy n download Deep Freeze 6 Full version...


Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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How To Create Strong Password?

As you know that passwords are the only form of security available now a day, It's really important for every one to create strong password.If u keep a weak passwords then, about 90% chance to get your online account hacked through Brute force, Dictionary attacks, Rainbow Tables etc.

What makes a strong passwords?
A password can be considered strong if it contains following things:-
  • It needs to contain special characters such as @!#$%^&
  • It must be at least 8-14 characters long or more.
  • It must not have any common words such as 123, password, your login name, any words that can be found in the dictionary(This will prevent you from getting hacked by a Dictionary Attack) & Personal Information (Your name, Date of Birth, Driver's License, Passport, Mobile Number, or similar information)
  • A variation of capitalization & small letters
  • Use the entire keyboard, not just the letters and characters you use or see most often.
How to Create a strong passwords you can remember?
There are many ways to create a long, complex password. Here is some way that may make remembering it easier:
  • See below image

  • Keep Your Passwords Safe on a piece of Paper
More than 80% people that using the same username and password on multiple websites(e.i. :- Orkut, Facebook, Rediffmail,....etc. ), your may be in for some trouble.Say your password for website orkut.com is the same as the password for radiffmail.com. Now if the website orkut.com gets hacked or only your orkut account is hacked by any trojan software by hacker, they’ll know your password. Chances are that your username is the same (email address) for both websites so the hacker can easily log in to your rediffmail account and your important documents/emails is shared(hacker can use your private email/documents for any things).

{ In other word:- If just one account is broken into, all other accounts can easily be broken because they use the same username and password. }

Yeah, there are quite a few reliable Password Managers that serve as a strong room for your complex passwords but that they require you to install specific software on the computer. What do you do when you want to check your web email on a different computer where you do not have your security tools installed and you do not remember your secure, random, email password?

In addition, I doubt you can memorize all your passwords for each and every website, if they are secure from hacker, that is.

Write your passwords down on a paper

What I am trying to solve is to give users a simple way of generating strong passwords. Unique to every website they visit using just a piece of paper, credit card-sized, that you can carry in your wallet.

What you need is just a piece that has a unique (per card) combination of secret letters to help you create a unique password for each website. You may use the RAND() function in an Excel spreadsheet to generate unique password cards & this is called PASSWORD CARD.

To create a password, take each letter of the website you want to create a password for and then take the corresponding code from the table. For example, if you want to create a password for
www.gmail.com, it would be:

1st letter is G –> 2w (Column 5, Row 1)
2nd letter is M –> jv (Column 8, Row 2)
3rd letter is A -> AN6
4th letter is I -> 76d
5th letter is L –> uh

So the password for your Gmail website becomes 2wjvAN676duh.

You can optionally (make sure you do this with all your passwords) intertwine the generated password with a memorized password – it could the city name where you were born, your childhood hero, name of your favorite author or anything memorable.

For instance, if you were born in Pune, the password for gmail.com would be 2wjvAN676duh intertwined with Pune: 8dDK3nSu. This would ensure that your identity consists of something you know (Pune) and something you have (the paper password card).

Even if hacker retry your orkut password on other website(e.g. :- Rediffmail, Paypal....ect.), hacker not get succes because you aren’t reusing passwords anymore.

By using password card your password is also safe from hacker & your family members(both) becouse about 90% of people use password as guessable word(pick an easily guessable word like the name of your child, the name of your pet, your loved one’s name, like your birthday, phone number or address,....ect.)

It is a bit difficult to use password card but if you try to use password card (any thing is possible) & i think password card is more realistic than carrying an electronic password generator.
  • Alternatively there is a website named www.strongpasswordgenerator.com which automatically generates a strong password for you, The website allows you to choose a password length and also gives you hints through which you can easily memorize the password.

Test your password with a password checker
A password checker evaluates your password's strength automatically. Try our secure password checker.

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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How to Protect Your Email Id & Facebook From Hackers

Everybody use email accounts & social networking websites such as orkut, twitter, indyarocks & facebook. There are much important information of a person in these email accounts & social networking website. So it is important to protect these accounts from hackers. Because hackers always try to get others account to get those secret and personal data for bad purpose. If your email id is hack & you use your email id for business & other services then it’s a great loss & trouble for you.
So, Follow these simple steps I am writing below to protect yourself from being hacked:-
·        Never share your password to anyone.
·        Never share your personal information to anyone on Net.
·        Don’t use password as your nick name, mobile no., name (any family members), pet names, Date of Birth.
·        Use the combination of lower case, upper case, numbers & special characters for passwords.
·        Keep your password as reticent as possible. Avoid writing your password in the notebooks, diaries or papers to remember it. There is a chance for them getting read by other.
·        Never click on any suspected link comes in a mail from unknown sender.
·        Never give your passwords to any 3rd party websites for any service.
·        Use different passwords for different accounts.
·        Check the website url every time before login. EX:- Check url to be http://www.orkut.com before login to orkut account. Never login to website such as http://www.orket.com
·        Never use your personal information (like:- 1st mobile no., school name, birth year, your favorite sports team, color, lucky number,….ect ) to set account recovery option.
·        Use secondary email address  &  mobile no. with secret question for account recovery.
·        If you are not using a private & separate computer for yourself then don’t use Online Banking, Online Purchasing, Online Tickets Booking (IRCTC) & Online Recharge. (Specially Don’t use from Cyber Cafe)
·        If you are not using a private & separate computer for yourself then remember to uncheck the “Remember me on this computer” option to prevent the password hacking.
·        Don’t use the same email id for work & personal use. Open accounts separately and use for the purposes.
·        Use original Antivirus & Antimalware software’s with firewall on.

These are some step s which you follow for safe surfing over the internet. Don’t give any chance to hackers….

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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