Saturday, 30 April 2011

How to Protect Your Email Id & Facebook From Hackers

Everybody use email accounts & social networking websites such as orkut, twitter, indyarocks & facebook. There are much important information of a person in these email accounts & social networking website. So it is important to protect these accounts from hackers. Because hackers always try to get others account to get those secret and personal data for bad purpose. If your email id is hack & you use your email id for business & other services then it’s a great loss & trouble for you.
So, Follow these simple steps I am writing below to protect yourself from being hacked:-
·        Never share your password to anyone.
·        Never share your personal information to anyone on Net.
·        Don’t use password as your nick name, mobile no., name (any family members), pet names, Date of Birth.
·        Use the combination of lower case, upper case, numbers & special characters for passwords.
·        Keep your password as reticent as possible. Avoid writing your password in the notebooks, diaries or papers to remember it. There is a chance for them getting read by other.
·        Never click on any suspected link comes in a mail from unknown sender.
·        Never give your passwords to any 3rd party websites for any service.
·        Use different passwords for different accounts.
·        Check the website url every time before login. EX:- Check url to be before login to orkut account. Never login to website such as
·        Never use your personal information (like:- 1st mobile no., school name, birth year, your favorite sports team, color, lucky number,….ect ) to set account recovery option.
·        Use secondary email address  &  mobile no. with secret question for account recovery.
·        If you are not using a private & separate computer for yourself then don’t use Online Banking, Online Purchasing, Online Tickets Booking (IRCTC) & Online Recharge. (Specially Don’t use from Cyber Cafe)
·        If you are not using a private & separate computer for yourself then remember to uncheck the “Remember me on this computer” option to prevent the password hacking.
·        Don’t use the same email id for work & personal use. Open accounts separately and use for the purposes.
·        Use original Antivirus & Antimalware software’s with firewall on.

These are some step s which you follow for safe surfing over the internet. Don’t give any chance to hackers….

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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