Sunday, 1 May 2011

How to Remove .SCR Virus from the Computer?

In the computer world, there are many challengers keep on challenge the technology or illegal access to people computer for fun. Virus is one of the “scary” programs that may destroy your important file.
Recently my notebook was infected by a virus named [RECYCLED.SCR]. The frustrated thing is the antivirus didn’t manage to detect and delete such virus before it can access to the computer. The impact of getting this virus will disable you from opening the hard drive by double click. The only way to open the hard drive is right click and then select open. Besides, this virus will also duplicate some processes to run simultaneously therefore the computer always running in low performance & .SCR virus which affects all the folders and the users will not be able to save the changes they’ve made.

What is .SCR Extension?

The SCR file type is primarily associated with “script” which is started to be used to transmit a Trojan.

From where the .SCR Virus comes from?

The SCR virus mostly comes along with the screen savers, ZIP files (with double extension), an executable file etc..

Most antivirus programs cannot remove this virus because it is write protected, however we can delete the file causing the virus by following the below steps: -

How to Remove/Delete .SCR Virus from the Computer?

·        Shutdown the computer and restart it using safe mode (press F8 key while booting)

·        Once the loading of windows is completed, go to C:\WINDOWS\system (or the folder you’ve installed your operating system)

NOTE: - Please remember enable the “show hidden file” option for the folder view.

·        Find the file named “WINLODR.SCR” and delete it Or search *.*.scr & delete all.

·        Now, restart your computer in the normal mode (without pressing any key) and you can see that the virus has been removed.

Do comment if you face any problem deleting the .scr virus from your computer.

Note: This is illegal and is for educational purpose only. Any loss/damage happening will not be in any way our responsibility.

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